Visions from the Side Stage.01

The moment “Rest” came off the stage Luci D and Zander Zanadu were on their shit, wrapping up Namé in cellophane and getting him properly tied up. He was the first thing ready for “Victim”. We normally have about ten minutes between acts. I think they had him all trussed up in about two. They had a little trouble getting his bag of pretty princess accessories to stay in place, but even that didn’t take long. Plastic bag over the head and he was good to go.

We had actually planned in advance and didn’t do his legs until he got up the stairs, but he was wrapped down to his knees. So he’s taking these little shuffling steps, barely making it up the stairs. Zander and I were guiding him. I was paying so much attention to his feet that I forgot that the hop stage and the ceiling of the side area is about, oh, five feet tall. He came up the last step and banged his head. HARD. I had done that earlier in the night (not because I was tied up with a bag over my head, but just because I’m awesome like that) so I know how much it sucks. He was a total trouper, though!

So then I told him, “Okay, lay down and I’ll position you.” You never realize how much you use your hands for until they are pinned to your body with cellophane. So, I said to him, “Lean back against me and I’ll lower you down.” Get to know your new performers with trust exercises with the backstage staff, as this crazy bitch tells you, lean into me knowing that behind you is a five foot drop onto a hard concrete floor…that is if you don’t land on any of the myriad of sharp things that are in the props area beside the stage.

So what happened next? Of course I dropped him. Was there ever any doubt? Luckily it was just the last foot or so onto the stage. I was so worried about ripping a whole in the cellophane that I didn’t really get a grip on him. I am heartlessly concerned about the aesthetic of the BL stage. So I pushed him around into position and went to set the rest of the stage. Luci D comes up behind me and says, “Oh, he’s supposed have his head over there.” We had him completely flipped around. Sheesh. She had even told me that during the final run through. Sorry kid, welcome to the mayhem, I’m going to push you around the other way….and hopefully not off the stage.

All of this probably took ten minutes total: when we make mistakes here at BL, we make them quick and dirty.

Well, the act didn’t air on time. The poor kid had to sit there wrapped in cellophane for another ten minutes. It was only about five minutes before they went on that it occurred to me, maybe we could take the plastic bag off of his head for now…Luci, crouched and waiting beside him shrugged “I put a hole in the bag.”

Ahh, our Luci D. Such a caring soul.

From the mercurial mind of Djinni


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