Victor Wicked

Triforce of Leadership, Director, Performer, Act Approval Alliance, Security


Photo by John Dick

Wicked has been performing for four years beginning with fetish stage performances in Portland. A year later he started as a light technician, act writer and later performer for a burlesque troupe in Eastern Washington. Recently he was involved in the world of independent wrestling and helped form many memorable characters, including his own: Apocalypse. Chiefly and most near and dear to his black heart is the fetish performance art he gets to write and perform as a part of the BloodLust Cabaret. Wicked was proud and privileged to be on the ground floor when the fetish phenomenon first began.

His special talents include directing, writing, visualizing and production as well as stage combat and the technicality of artistic lighting. Kink began for Wicked like for many in small town America, a bunch of teens messing around in a basement, attempting to unravel hidden desires and delve into self-exploration.


As a performer his goals are to explore the forbidden, to tell, through the medium of fetishism and instinctual desire, stories not told in this corner of the globe. Why BloodLust? “Simply put, I was waiting for this very format and foundation to spread my creative bat-wings and soar. The people I get to create with keep me coming back show after show.” Almost everything about Victor is kinky from his pansexual desires to his switching in a fetish play sense, which is to say he will both give and receive sensation. He is constantly at play and toys with the dominant/submissive aspects found in every day exchanges. Any fun facts, Mr. Wicked? “I am a near 20 year member of The Church of Satan. I collect gas masks. I am a huge 80’s cartoon fan. I dislike spiders and celery.”

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