Tabitha Blackthorn

Stage Manager, Lighting Specialist, Act Approval Alliance, Triforce of Power
Tabitha is the glue that holds BloodLust together! It quite common knowledge that the average BloodLust artist tends to think in terms of vivacious violence, sexy sparkles and grand diabolical plots. Tabitha hones the artistic brilliance around her and provides a grounding force, facilitating and organizing the minor (and major) details that fall through the cracks during the creative process.

A student of theatre, Tabitha has background in high school and college productions, providing light and stage support for multiple productions. She is a model in her own rights, and a community leader in the Fetish community as the group leader of the local TNG.

Outside of stage productions, Tabby packs quite a punch! She spends her free time kickboxing and MMA fighting! She is also an experienced and well used demo bottom for various local kink groups.

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