SyrynSyn Melody

Performer, Hair & Make-up 1271706_534593329947951_433273434_o

Our very own Syryn is new to the stage, though she has spent her fair share of time in front of the camera, as a model and nude model. You’ve seen and loved her in the Esoteric Elizabeth bathory act, where she played an innocent virgin servant-girl murdered by the viciously sexy Lady Bathory. This multitalented mystery tends to stay out of the limelight, yet wears the spotlight with grace and confidence. Behind the scenes she is an invaluable asset, plying her hand at stagework, hair and make-up.

Her other talents include hooping, contortionism and voice. Syryn is one who is very aware of the power of energy in it’s many facets, the chakras and how she fits within the array of the stars; proudly a triple fire sign.


Syryn is still exploring the world of kink, having it found it through friends and exposure to Bloodlust. She is being steadily and willfully corrupted by those such as VictorWicked & Lady Creature.

As a performer she wishes to soon bring a contortion-based act to the BloodLust stage, as well as hone her not unnotable abilities as a Sensual Sexy side of fetish cabaret.

Any other fun facts? SyrynSyn loves Peacocks and rainbows, and often travels to Paradisio!

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