Naked Jesus


Sere Maddox, or as he’s more affectionately known here at Bloodlust, “Naked Jesus”, has enjoyed theater for most of his life. Having spent his childhood over-seas, one of his fondest memories from that time is when his first year class took a field trip to see an opera at an opera house and being told many times not to expect to understand what was being sung, since it was often in a foreign language. He was delighted to learn that while most of his classmates couldn’t understand a word, that his ability to speak English allowed him to follow the story easily. The opera was The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan. He loved the zany story, the set design, the costumes, the props, the orchestra in their shadowy pit below the stage and how the lights made everything look slightly surreal. He even loved having to “dress up” for the occasion in his “good clothes”. Obviously, this was supposed to be “a special occasion”! After the orchestra had stopped playing and the house lights brightened once more, cartoons had lost their luster for young NJ. He’s been hooked on theater ever since.

Forward a few decades, NJ has been a movie extra in a couple films, played minor parts in a few community theater troupes and enjoyed both writing and directing a few murder mystery parties. He enjoys the various challenges and frustrations of making props and the typically British style of absurdist self-depreciating humor. He, his lovely wife and their two “furry children” moved to Spokane in 2014 and it wasn’t long after until he joined the Bloodlust troupe. While theater was his first love, NJ’s professional life is as a medical professional and sometime artistic bum, which has allowed him to experience a wide range of “interesting” experiences. He is currently involved with the local BDSM and polyamory Lifestyle scenes, and is enjoying domestic life accompanied by his lovely wife and two cats.

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