Miss Flair

Miss Flair

Photo Credit: Gregg Summers

Gone from our stage, but not from our (black little) hearts!
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This is a woman who knows how to move. As you watch her hips stirring you can feel yourself moving back to a more primal time and sensual place of sheer veils and desert sands. This diva has been dancing for 27 years and performing in burlesque for 6 years. She teaches and performs belly dancing locally and has performed previously with Pasties and Paddles, though now her home is with BloodLust, of course!

A veteran of the stage, she has more than her fair share of talents including the arts of sword balancing, fan-veil dancing, belly-dance (tribal fusion style), and costuming to the extreme.

If that wasn’t enough, she has posterior length red hair (keep your panties on, guys and gals ;0), enjoys rope work, speed bondage and leather work. Can it get any more awesome? Glad you asked. She’s try-sexual and says: “I’ll try anything at least once (with very few exceptions)!”

Her goal as a performer is to simply enjoy herself and rock the audience to their core. Fun facts? She has two mini dachshunds and two bunnies, loves chocolate and her husband is one of the BloodLust photographers!

Why did this amazing performer and gorgeous kinky lady choose BloodLust? “Because Fetish + Burlesque = AWESOME!”

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