Miss Deadly Nightshade

Travelling Talent, Performer
deadlynightshadeOh how to put in words, Miss Deadly Nightshade? This dynamically dark beauty is a cross-country talent flying between Washington and New York to spread her scintillatingly sexy art, sometimes performing in both states within weeks! When she is not flying between venues, Miss Deadly Nightshade can be found in the company of her ill-tempered feline master Minerva designing pasties and costumes, writing horrorcentric and humorous acts, or working on her graphic novel horror anthology.

Miss Deadly Nightshade first came to BloodLust through her long-time pastie pal, Miss Flair and brought with her a gold mine of unique creativity and lust for the stage. From the erotically sensual Single White Feline to the playfully rebellious lady of the manor in Cupcake Wars, the acts and costumes this muse puts out are not something you are likely to see any where other than her NY troupe, Hot in the Kitchen.

From horror carnivals and Harry Potter to accordian music and a creepily inappropriate love for zombies, this multi-faceted nerdlesque beauty truly is Miss Deadly Nightshade.

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The Cast Taking Bows

Love Hurts


Mischief Managed


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