Miss Catalyst

Gone from our stage, but not from our (black little) hearts!
Founding Director, Former MC
The Lovely Ms. CatalystMiss Catalyst is a vision of sensuality. Those who meet her find themselves undeniably drawn to her Je ne sais quoi. A sharp eye for beauty and a talent for moving her body made her fall naturally into performance. She started in 2011 with the burlesque group Pasties and Paddles, then a year later founded her own show with a kinky focus, BloodLust. Her uncanny ability to connect the right people to each other through her sheer force of personality and quick wit has brought BL to it’s quick success and her tireless drive has served as the backbone of our endeavor.

As an insatiable nymphomaniac and lover of intellectual intercourse, being kinky wasn’t something she learned, rather more of a fortuitous talent. Much of her early life is shrouded in tragedy and general bullshit, but, unwilling to give in to the influence of her past, she has made herself the phoenix, the ever burning fire that forges strength and the power to make ones own life what one wills.

Her goal as a performer and general artist is to bring beauty back to the city of Spokane through various artistic endeavors.


“I used to believe that art was for the rich.That it was a waste of time. You can’t cure cancer with art. You can’t eat art. Recently I had the realization that art is for the poor. And that it’s utterly vital. It is a driving factor that gives people a reason to keep on; that keeps them moving and gives them a reason to get out of bed. When you get fucked at work and you feel like quitting but you just can’t because you will end up homeless and starving, what do you turn to? Music. Dance. Art. Art is drive, art is lust, art is passion. Art is the reason why. The ephemeral purpose. The conclusion that you seek which ends up only being another intoxicating question. And that is what you live for.”

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Miss Catalyst


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