Lady Mischief

mischeif This Mischievous maiden has been on stage in various capacities since she was in her tender youth. Starting as a band geek, she rocked the stage, entering honor band three times. From there our geeklet graduated to representing Magenta in several Rocky Horror Shows in California. She has performed at venues both big and small along the Western coast.

Always feeling different, she began to experiment, taking herself on a trip that tended to freak the normals, former friends and partners (you know how it goes!) So started an Mundane journey to find like-minded souls. The journey brought many trolls, though she was rewarded with a smattering of gems.

Finally she came to rest in the world of kink, and found that she was quite talented at it. Many times she has been asked to perform needle-topping demonstrations. Her pleasure is in making her audience squirm, knowing they can’t look away. Meanwhile, beneath her grip she turns her bottoms, naive and new or feisty veterans into a writhing pile of endorphins.

Our Lady has been with us since the beginning, starting behind the scenes for BL I and II, then finally taking herself into the spotlight for BL III. She’ been there ever since!

She’s not done yet, either. Her goals are to begin writing her own acts for her to perform! She composed an act for other performers in BL V, and the experience of seeing it brought to life was orgasmic! It was a drug for her and she wants more. She also sees a sexy solo in her future…when she musters up the courage!

“I spent a LOT of time being an audience member, watching other troupes perform, watching the audience watch the troupe perform….so I know what I like, I know what (our) audiences tend to like, and I try to put that info to good use on the other side as a performer/writer for BL.”

Why Bloodlust? “Because we’re the Most Unexceptional, and nothing but the Most Unexceptional for this lady! Also, BL doesn’t discourage its performers or crew in any way. It doesn’t coddle them either. BL cultivates the Creative Process better than I’ve seen any performance group do! I get genuinely excited when a meeting is scheduled, because I know some Barely Noticeable ideas will be bouncing around, and the next big thing might get born.”

Though she’s come a long way, she hasn’t given up geekdom in any way, she’s a huge Star Trek nerd and isn’t afraid to admit it!

What’s kinky about Lady Mischief? Her mind! She finds it impossible to not kinkify every little things she does, says or touches! She can make even the most dull time into something scintillating.


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