Lady Creature

Travelling Talent, Performer

Lady Creature was born a Lady in the year of 1991 in Los Angles California. This delectable Creature is shy but a rebel by birth with a sex drive to match. At a young age she would dance in her room picturing herself in front of the crowd. She started to plan small plays with her dolls for her mom, or create whole dance routines with her aunt. Her mother enrolled her into several dance classes, such as tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics, cheer leading and hip-hop. This is where she found her passion for the movement of the human body, but she was always too shy to get on a stage outside of choir.

Lady was a choir girl at heart, she started in the choir the first chance she got at age 7. Every song she learned she just would never stop singing, she was accepted into the honor choir in the fourth grade, which she avidly pursued until she moved to Washington her second year of high school. When she moved back to California a year later she enrolled in home schooling. She had plenty of time to get herself in to trouble, she eventually found her place as a party promoter. After her young years of making mistakes, finding her sexuality, and a thirst for adventure she moved to Washington to attend college. Once established in a new job and new classes, Lady was able to chat with the director of a local burlesque troop.

Burlesque started for her almost like destiny, she got so tired of waiting to meet people so she volunteered backstage at the next show. She showed up to a club down town. At the barely legal age of eighteen she was unable to get into the club and had to walk around the back. She was taken down an alley to a white tent, and when she walked inside she saw every single person working on something; and not all their own projects. Glue guns hot and ready for an emergency rhinestone, a coat of glitter as far as the eye could see, and beautiful gowns hanging from every corner. She was immediately put to work on adding rhinestones to some pasties, and then was asked to apply the pasties evenly. This was, as she puts it “A moment I hold dear to my heart. This woman, this curvy, bold, naked woman standing in front of me. Trusting me to help her with something that seemed so vulnerable at the time to me.” She was hooked from the theater and dancing, to the feathered fans and ruffled panties. She had only her biggest obstacle to overcome, her fear of the stage.

Preparing for her first show was hard, she doubted her decision several times. “Accepting myself in all my flaws was the most empowering thing I have ever done. I felt like I took my body back, and I feel honored to have the choice to be as cute or innocent or sinfully sexy as I want. I can no longer be controlled by society.” She stated, and that moment the Lady also became a Creature.

She later went on to preform characters such as Nora the living doll, Clockwork Orange, Elves and the Shoemaker, Maleficent, and a clown named The Rainbow Tease. Lady Creature was waiting for an open minded outlet that would let her do more daring taboo acts. So when some like-minded friends created BloodLust and offered her a spot on their deliciously kinky stage, she jumped at the chance. She says “I consider myself lucky to make art with such a talented group of people.” Since she has joined BloodLust she has been a naughty nurse, Elizabeth Bathory, and returned as the Rainbow Tease.

In the future Lady Creature wants to take to more stages in California and Washington, and seize some much needed time to chase down her passion of the sea.

Elizabeth Bathory

In a cloud of billowing skirts and cold elegance, sadism and lust entertwine, shining in her eyes. It draws you in, captivating you, driving you to your knees in supplication to the vision, the queen of sanguine sadism...Elizabeth Bathory.

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