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Ink, The Cthulu Trilogy

Ink, The Cthulu Trilogy

InkandMetal is a powerful force of creative energy: the fiercer edge of art and expression. This sexy gentleman is covered in eight tattoos and five piercings, two of which are…located where we can’t reveal them on the BloodLust stage, sorry ladies and gents! He’s been performing since the elusive BloodLust I, where he started with an ElectroPlay act with CatalinaWonder and Miss Catalyst. Since then he’s brought his aggressively sensual touch to the Angel Wing demo, the three part Cthulu experience and many more!

This talented tantalizer has been involved for quite some time in the local fetish community, and his passions include rope, electro-play and wax, all of which he has taught and demonstrated, giving the gift of kink to the masses!

In his personal life, he is an avid gamer and describes himself as having a “depressingly large mental database of pop culture knowledge.” What else can we tell you about this amazing man? He did the ropework for the BloodLust IV poster and, amazingly, he’s single! As a performer, he says it’s all about you! His goal is to always give the best show possible!

We asked InkandMetal: Why BloodLust?

“BL is the best fucking show ever and the people in it are all sexy bitches.”

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