Gone from our stage, but not from our (black little) hearts!
Original Website Design, Performer, Photographer

Goldenmean is more than 20 years worth of experience in sexy comedy gold. He has a unique talent for making kink hilarious. As a performer it is his ultimate goal to guide his audience laughing through situations that make them squirm with discomfort. Always he seeks surprises, trying to push the limits and reach the next tier of titillation.

This man is a professional. His extensive acting resume includes The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago, The Wizard of Oz, Cannibal the Musical, Oliver!, Guys and Dolls and No Sex Please, We’re British! He also made his TV Debut in “The Day After” as a groaning nuclear explosion survivor.

Comedy has always been his passion, ever since he was a little boy nerding out over his stack of Bill Cosby albums. He has managed to make a life with it since his early twenties, writing and performing with various sketch groups and improvisation troupes. Other talents? Oh he has plenty. One of his best is capturing the best of flesh in erotic photography and his work has been published in eleven countries!

His many passions led him to the world of kink. Being surrounded by actors, natural hedonists, allowed him to discover that his talent of photography was also his kink! Voyeurism. And he knows the secret…that of course you can’t work a stage properly unless you truly are an exhibitionist! His beloved Lady Arsenic stole his heart and it was she that brought him to BloodLust. He stayed with us because, as it should be with good kinksters, he finds no judgement here and is allowed to be exactly who he is. (Which is exactly how we like him!)

Some fun tidbits about Golden Mean: He once hit C3PO with a baby stroller and he spends his free time playing MineCraft with Deadmau5.

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