Operations/Logistics, Content Coordinator
Djinni has been performing in various kink-less areas since she was in elementary school, and has only over the past couple of years meshed her natural brand of bizarre into her endeavors. A classically trained vocalist, her passion is taking her training and perverting it for the pleasure of her fans, whether it be as the lead vocalist of a band or competing internationally.

Our girl is forever the happy omega, able to fill in wherever is needed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable production. She is our jack all trades. Mostly she functions as as a stage hand, but is also good at making connections, a fair word smith and can jump on the stage if needed. A little bit of a space cadet, she can do just about anything…if you beat it into her. ;3
D2Kink comes naturally to this nerdy girl, and she says it’s been a part of her sex since she learned what a clitoris was. She was seduced into BloodLust by her enduring obsession with Miss Catalyst, though she quickly made herself at home among the rabble. Her goal within the troupe is to facilitate the cooperation of great creative minds into even greater art wherever she is able, she teases “’cause you know how capricious those artistic types can be.”


“Art, in it’s many forms, is all about connection in it’s many forms. I aim to connect the connective connectors…to…yeah. I help.”

Did you know that Djinni is a geek model? Check it out!

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