BloodLust VII: Hotel Phantasmagoria!

Swirling clouds in prismatic colors catch your attention and from within their depths comes a vision…

A sparkling set of keys lead your favorite fetish performers on a fantastical journey though a dreamscape hotel, showcasing along the way a series of acts sure to tantalize your senses!

On May 3rd 2014, the cast of BloodLust threw open the doors of the Hotel Phantasmagoria and all were invited! They experienced the magic of spring, the mayhem of love, and the mystery of the fantastical as we make our way to the fetish party of dreams.

They came in their fetish best and whatever fantastical garb you could grab and had a night of pure phantasmagoria do the Darkly dancable beats provided by Elektro Grave Entertainment.

Sexual Spring Solstice

J's sexy solstice sacrifice dance and resurrection of spring goddess Miss Flair.

The Widow Spider's Trap

A sweet seduction followed by the brutal dance of nature... [Gallery not found]

The Uninvited Guest

A challenge between the primal and the so-called sophisticated... [Gallery not found]

Room 17

Intimacy and irrationality mix in this twisted provocative piece on love and loss... [Gallery not found]

Good Night

Jaunty lines and naughty rhymes tell a tale of sweet submissive satisfaction. [Gallery not found]


Hunger and passion combine in this heart-pounding, blood-thirsty horror-lesque` act of lust. [Gallery not found]

BloodLust Conflict Resolution

The final party takes a dark and kinky twist when Miss Catalyst has to teach Tabitha Blackthorn a lesson. [Gallery not found]

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