Bloodlust V: The Darker Side of Sexy


From amidst a sea of writhing bodies emerges a dark goddess of lust. Witness the power and sexuality of MissJ as she drives the energy of the stage on at a rapid pace in a climatic act of modern eroticism.

SVU: Sparkle Victim's Unit

Lady Arsenic, Goldenmean and Kayden Black explore the darker side of children beauty pageants in this darkly funny of tale of blind ambition and child endangerment.

Sweetest Injection

The ever erotic Dead Doll draws us down the spiral and through the dark and tumultous realm of rock bottom for a woeful tale of lust for intoxication...

Quiet Desperation

In a society where fetishes are often shamed, expressing naughty fantasies with your partner(s) can be overwhemingly difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible. Kayden Black and MissJ take the stage to explore hidden desires, unexpressed lusts, and just h

Love is Obsession

In this surprising twist of fate and sequel, we follow the Spokane Date Night Cannibal's only surviving victim on a quest through the incarceration system for the ultimate revenge

Sexual Harassment

Love is in the office air in the administrative wing of the BloodLust Psychiatric Hospital...well sort of. In this gender-bending satirical spoof on sexual harrassment and the sexiness of consent. Miss Flair and Dead Doll go back and forth in more ways than one, heating up the office like never before.

Rosemary's Baby Daddy

The diabolically deviant schoolgirl Rosemary has proven there is no rest for the wicked. Her most recent conundrum? Paternity. Is the bun in the oven her milquetoast Boy Scout of a boyfriend or her demon lover, Bastion? Follow along the comical path in

The 13th Priest

Guilty. Convicted on twelve counts of murder, though butchery was more appropriate.She was the only one there, covered in the blood of her victims. Open and shut. But...what if it wasn't that simple? What if the explanation was stranger and some how...d

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