Bloodlust IV: Impure Intentions


Sated in her sadism, MissJ-anice slides those slacks up her sexy ass as she prepares for her next show.

Reverse Voyeur

Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly. This madam may not have eight legs, but the two she does have are long and luscious. This scintillating vixen tantalizes, teases, and draws into her parlor the daring peeing tom for a smoking hot interlude.


When young Rosemary comes to church to confess her debaucherous sins, the school girl gets more than she expects. Once this lusty busty youth gets going, will her affections be too much for even the darkest forces of Hell to handle?

Graveyard Symphony

A husband's revenge, a lover betrayed, a life for it all, and amidst all the chaos it is the violaist you need fear. Her strings sing the melodies of death that you pray you never hear. Experience the intrigue, betrayal, and mysticism of...Graveyard Symph

The Cthulu Trilogy

In a time of despair and dwindling hope, a small but dedicated group has joined together, clear in their vision to bring back a different way, an older way... Loyalties are tested, sacrifices made, and unholiness wrought in this epic tale known as...The C

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