Bloodlust III – A Night of Fetish Cabaret

Full Metal Diaper

When the Black Smudge is captured during a covert operation, life and death is on the line. However, the terrorists get more than they bargained for when dealing with their captive and his companion, Sergeant Snuggles.

Affection is Infectious

In a cold and distant future where rampant disease has dwindled the population, two lost and lonely souls risk everything for a lover's touch...

Sultan's Surrender

A cruel and controlling sultan, obsessed with his treasure. A free spirit who just wants to move. When these two collide in a fusion of dominance and rebellion, an erotic tale is sure to be spun in...Sultan's Surrender.

Single White Feline

She comes to the door clad in rich velvet, right on time. Sauntering in, she rubs up against you, presses her soft lips to your neck, and asks you get her a bowl of cream? Indulge your catgirl fantasies with not one, but two of the friskiest

Elizabeth Bathory

In a cloud of billowing skirts and cold elegance, sadism and lust entertwine, shining in her eyes. It draws you in, captivating you, driving you to your knees in supplication to the vision, the queen of sanguine sadism...Elizabeth Bathory.

Love is Madness

A romantic tryst with a bloody undertones. While Romeo sets up his perfect evening, Juliet screams in her cage. A white table cloth, red wine, a dark rose to set the table as his previous lovers look on from their final portraits that adorn the walls. Wil

Cupcake Wars

When the Lord is away, the Lady of the manor is more than hot to play! Deadly Miss Nightshade captures hearts with cupcakes in this sexy, little ditty that touches playfully on sploshing, chastity, and Victorian poly love.


Grab the latex, pucker up those lips, and get ready for the looniest act around! Add a dash of Columbine and a sprinkle of Rainbow Teese to a box of balloons and there is no way the results isn't sexy!


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