Bloodlust II – A Night of Fetish Cabaret

Fairy Shibari

An enchanting winged beauty flits arcoss the stage and the hunter follows. Get swept away by the magic and become spellbound by shibari in this exotic and sensual tale of domination and capture.


Prior to her days reigning as Empress of the Imperial Sovereign Court, the statuesque siren Savannah So-REal took to the BloodLust stage. Witness this drag diva's dramatic energy as she dominates the delicious piece of writhing man slave at her exquisite

Pain Juicer

How far would you go...for family? ...for love? Would you trade it all? Would it be worth the end? Follow the dynamic pairing of Zander Zanadu and MissJ as they explore these and other qquestions as they discover...Love is Pain.


In an unprecedented and provocative act of exploratory self-love, MissJ takes us in for a private peek into her post-shower pleasures... This act was so erotic, you had to be there to see it. ;)

Doctor/Nurse Bloodplay

Get the hottest treatment in town with Spokane's sexiest surgical nurse, Lady Creature. This sultry vixen demands the attentions of the mysterious surgeon and when she refuses to take no for an answer, the results turn deliciously sanguine...

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