Triforce of Power, Producer, Act Approval Alliance, Performer

kayden2Trying to capture the tantalizing and talented MissJ into words is a task we may not be equal to, yet we shall bring our best to bear. Our ministrations shall be delicate, lest she whip out our misbehaving tongues, and crack her cane against our offending fingers. Twenty years and more Miss J has been entertaining, in the varied capacities she is capable, from Renaissance festivals and Comedia dell’arte, to clowning, to whip shows for families and for those with tastes more…brave. Our delectable MissJ is developing a reputation across the Northwest and beyond as an expert in the arts of whip throwing and cracking. Her precision and confidence with a single tail is enough to make the little masochist boys and girls shiver and fall in love at first sight. MissJ has made her home within the BloodLust troupe, which allows her artistic expression in an amazingly powerful and sex infused fashion. As part of the Triforce of Power, she enjoys the role of Producer, which effectively boils down to scheduling and logistics. While she is not sure how a whip cracking sadist like herself came to be in such a sensitive, den-mother role as she has, she enjoys the camaraderie she helps foster. She helps ensure that BloodLust remains a community, in every sense of the word. Another of her responsibilities includes the Act Approval Alliance, a three member team that decides which acts are are up to snuff enough to be on the BloodLust stage. This also includes providing valuable feedback to any community member brave enough to bear their creative heart in an act showing. J2 On stage, Miss J has played a range of characters: Lion tamer, raven, bondage bunny, hair battler, Janice Joplin, demon, nun, little Hooter’s girl and more; she has been dead, alive, and places in between; she has been a lover, a killer, a temptress. One of her prides is her stage “face”–she thrives on fully enveloping her characters, evoking them like living things and gifting their life to the audience through the conduit of her body, baring a piece of her soul with every performance. A discovery she has made is that she writes her acts almost like music videos, “heavy on the sexy and leaning towards the Macabre.” Which is a pretty succinct description of you, MissJ, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Grab the latex, pucker up those lips, and get ready for the looniest act around! Add a dash of Columbine and a sprinkle of Rainbow Teese to a box of balloons and there is no way the results isn't sexy!


Sated in her sadism, MissJ-anice slides those slacks up her sexy ass as she prepares for her next show.


From amidst a sea of writhing bodies emerges a dark goddess of lust. Witness the power and sexuality of MissJ as she drives the energy of the stage on at a rapid pace in a climatic act of modern eroticism.

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The Cast Taking Bows

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