Kayden Black

Performer, Performance Coach

kaydenKayden Black is like a diamond in the sunlight, with shimmering facets casting light in a thousand directions. That is, if that diamond were sexier than red headed twins’ sex and as funny as a cat in booties. Versatility is the word with this dynamic and varied performer. He has been bringing his creativity in improve, burlesque and cabaret to the stage for a number of years in the Spokane area.

In 2006 he joined Comedy Sports. Fast paced and challenging, Comedy Sports is an improvisational group that competes for laughs, scored by the crowd and kept civil by referees. He led workshops and classes and performed at company events. From there, he worked himself up into more risqué material, writing and performing in a sketch called Drop the Leash, and performing in various theatres for their Late Hours show.
2008 brought another comedy/improv. opportunity for Kayden through the Blue Door Theater, an improvisational group that provides long and short form comedy, and shows both for all ages and late night formats. There he continued teaching the arts of Comedy on the fly, and began a sketch with some of his co-performers called the Rube Goldberg device.

In 2009 Kayden and two of his closest pervy buddies formed a satirical hip hop group called the Debutante Savant, comprised of Dashwood, Professor PHD and Kayden as O’Finnigan McGuillitcuty. They performed at various venues including the Knitting Factory and cut a couple of albums. “It was a very satisfying experience to make up rhymes to beats and perform as the hype man with a group that primarily mocked the hard core rap scene with crazy lyrics and outrages costuming,” Kayden told us.

In 2011 Kayden joined a whip troup with MissJ that performed at family friendly events such as Renaissance Fairs, as well as Fetish events such as Paradise in Redmond, Wa. He co-wrote scenes where he stood his ground under the lightning whips of MissJ as she struck at items held in his hands and mouth.

In 2012 Kayden was invited to perform with the burlesque troupe Pasties and Paddles. There he stretched his creative limbs, expanding towards writing non-comedy and things of a sexier nature. Yet his kinky heart still craved more, wanting to push boundaries and explore even further. This lead him to Bloodlust in 2013 where his kink, his comedy and his guts made him at perfect ease among the rabble. Kayden has been in every single Bloodlust since. Never at rest, he works hard coaching his fellow performers, writing and performing acts and providing invaluable support to the BL team.

His kinky life began in the fall of 2009 at a karaoke bar. Miss J walked up to him, strutting with the power of self contained confidence. The first thing she said to him was “You’re a cute boy.”
We asked Kayden what his goals were as a performer and with Bloodlust. He had a lot to say.

“With each and every performance, I strive provide the highest quality stage performances. When I explore a kink related theme, I make every effort to challenge an audience to follow us in many directions among comedy, sexiness, horror, sci-fi, historical, or any combinations thereof. When one of our patrons has found something to think about, or they were just entertained for the sake of entertainment, I’ve done my job. Really, if you get wet or hard, or both, I am fulfilled.”

“The other goal, which goes hand in hand with performing, is to continue to reach out and experience new patrons. I encourage everyone within my peer group to be very approachable. We may have confidence and creativity, but to connect to people is what this community is about, really. Always feel welcome to approach me at any time!”


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