Interview with Miss Catalyst

Basking in the post-show glow, Miss Catalyst shares the Origin Story.

Basking in the post-show glow, MissC shares the Origin Story.

Interview with BloodLust founder Miss Catalyst: On the Elusive BloodLust I and the creation of Spokane’s Premiere Fetish Entertainment Troupe!

How did the idea of BloodLust first come about? 

Well, the idea for BloodLust was several steps in the making. I was approached by a long time associate of mine, DJ YodaPimp, who was at that time performing at the Hop for 20XX. They wanted to have a fetish night. He knew that I knew a lot of amazing performers, so he asked if I would put together the entertainment portion of the dance night. We had about two weeks notice and, incredibly, VictorWicked, MissJ, Kayden, InkandMetal and a bunch of others threw together an AMAZING show with virtually no time to prepare. The response was intense…something I really didn’t want to let go of.

So what happened next?

Well, I talked to the performers and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to keep doing this. We wanted to do a regular fetish show. TC, the owner at The Hop loved the response we got asked us to come back. When we performed again, it was on our own. And it was a huge success. Each show has outdone the last; It makes me very proud.

Were there any challenges in those first days?

Well, of course. Many of us at that time were part of another group. The leadership didn’t exactly welcome the idea of a competing troupe. I tried to explain that we didn’t want to compete, that we wanted to fill the niche of fetish entertainment. We committed to not over-scheduling and to working alongside the other troupe. I was told I had to make a choice. I have always held the opinion, don’t make me choose between things that I love: It will never be you if you make me choose. I chose BloodLust.

I have heard from a lot of the performers that being a part of BloodLust is a unique experience. Have you heard that as well?

A lot of the performers who came in a little later seemed amazed. I got comments like ‘no one is yelling at me!’ It was interesting, how we simply clicked. We had our fair share of difficulties, but everyone seemed united…almost possessed…by this dream. We are committed to letting each person’s creative voice be heard. Not every act that has gone on stage is a fetish I’m in to. Each act has been something the creators were passionate about. That passion and commitment to community, I think, is what sets us apart.

What’s next for BloodLust?

Well, we’ve set ourselves up for the next stage. We’ve restructured our management style to make use of everyone’s various talents and abilities. We’re investing a lot of time and energy into this project. Every single person involved wants it to be amazing, to stay amazing. To be forever what it started as: A creative outlet and community for all fetishists!

Thanks Miss Catalyst! Fun fact for the masses: Anyone can perform on the BloodLust stage! All you have to do is put an act together. Get a hold of MissJ, Miss Flair, VictorWicked or Miss Catalyst! They’ll let you know when the auditions are and you can show the panel what you’re made of! The best acts are chosen and that’s what goes on stage. If you’re not ready, you’ll get feedback from the professionals and you can try again next time!

Stay Sexy BloodLusters! -D

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