About Us

BloodLust is a Theatre of Cruelty, known commonly as a Fetish Cabaret or a variety show of the vivacious and salacious manner. To know what we truly are, it is best to come see us get at it in person. Every few months we pull together Spokane’s best and brightest fetish performers to bare our bodies and (for those of us who have them) souls.

Since its creation in 2012, BloodLust has seen exponential growth in attendance and community participation that amazes and humbles us each and every show. Every individual production features independent performers who write and produce their own acts which are coordinated and approved by the Troupe leadership. Each BloodLust also provides a different artisan the opportunity to showcase their fetish art, whether it be paintings/drawings/tools and toys etc.

BloodLust itself holds specific values of quality and equality. While there are regular performers who actively contribute as the backbone and workforce of the show, anyone who feels they have a worthy act may audition it. Anyone and everyone who performs must audition every act to ensure tight and creative performances. BloodLust does not discriminate based on size, age, race, orientation etc.

BloodLust is committed to bringing sexy, enticing, and, above all, high quality fetish art to the Spokane area for as long as the future spans…


Direcor: MissJ
Stage Manager: TabbyCat
Former MC: Miss Catalyst

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