Welcome to BloodLust

Group Shot BL6Long hair in flowing locks running down the exquisite arch of a curved back, brushing the swell of her firm ass. The glistening sweat on a bare calf as the vinyl black boot is stripped off by eager teeth, pulling it over the heel and finally freeing those perfect toes. The creak of ropes as they tighten across his chest, heaving with excitement and topped with a wicked grin. A whip cracks, you hear a moan and you can’t tell…was that pain? Or pleasure? Is there a difference anymore?

You can feel it rising in you…the Blood Lust. It manifests differently for each seeking soul, yet it is always characterized by a feeling of utter wanting, longing, desire. A feeling that builds in you, a yearning need that screams to tear into something…different. Something new. Something visceral and beautiful. When you feel it, you know that you see beauty through a different lens, that you can never see things the same way again. And you don’t want to. You may wonder…is there a place for me in the wide gray world now that I’ve seen this prism of color?

Welcome friend. Here is sanctuary: a home for the wicked and the wonderful.

We are BloodLust. It is our distinct privilege and pleasure to offer you a taste of the divine decadence that is everything you want, need…deserve. We offer regular doses of fetish entertainment to tantalize and tease; to satiate and satisfy. We present these toys of the eye to you through performance art in the fashion of cabaret. The lens that you see the world through is one we share. Ordinary is not our cup of tea. The daily grey is not what you’ll find here.

What will you find? Shivering sex, pulsing passion and vivacious violence; the softness of a knife, and the freedom of being bound. Look through our eyes…

Can you feel it?

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